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American Isostatic Presses, Inc. was founded in 1991 with the goal of supplying high quality, “state of the art”, Hot and Cold Isostatic Presses. A further desire was to offer these at prices more companies could afford. This would open the door for a wider area of use and new applications to be developed. By using proven designs with top brand components, AIP systems provide not only lower initial cost, but long term cost savings. In today’s era of cost reduction and spending conservation, wise companies must consider these aspects.

AIP’s staff consists of many veterans in the field of isostatic pressing. This group of highly trained engineers are capable of meeting any customer requirement. AIP’s phenomenal growth is directly related to wide customer satisfaction, especially in connection with AIP’s fast response to service and support. More than just an equipment supplier, AIP can help provide solutions to many production problems.

AIP offers a wide range of products from the smallest laboratory system to the largest production units. These are available in a wide range of pressure and many different furnace styles. Please see the appropriate heading for more specific information.

Visit our news page to see what we are doing currently and ideas that will help us advance this industry and isostatic pressing to a new level.

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