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Toll HIP

AIP offers toll HIP, WIP, and CIP to customers as an economical way to explore the process and determine the benefits derived from its use.  AIP staff has a broad background in many materials and methods used for consolidation of powder metals, ceramics, and composites. AIP uses NIST traceable thermocouples and pressure transducers to assure accurate data is being derived. A chart of every cycle is logged and supplied to the customer for analysis. AIP can typically turn cycles around in 5 days. Rush delivery can be arranged if required. AIP treats all cycles as proprietary and protects each client’s interest.

AIP Toll HIP Systems
System Diameter Length Pressure Kanthal Molybdenum Carbon
AIP6-45H 70mm 125mm 310 MPa 1200 C 1400 C 2200 C
AIP6-60H 100mm 150mm 414 MPa 1400 C
AIP6-60H 70mm 125mm 414 MPa 1200 C 2200 C
AIP14-30H 225mm 500mm 207 Mpa 1350 C 2100 C
AIP22-15H 400mm 1800mm 103 MPa 1250 C
AIP24-30H 430mm 2150mm 207 MPa 1225 C
AIP29-15H 580mm 1500mm 103 MPa 1200 C
AIP29-15H 500mm 1200mm 103 MPa 1900 C


* Oxygen HIP is available with up to 20% Oxygen for oxide ceramics
** Nitrogen HIP is available with 100 % Nitrogen for nitride ceramics (carbon furnace only)

AIP also offers Toll SinterHIP, WIP & CIP – Contact AIP for current capabilities and pricing.