American Isostatic Presses

The AIP Story

A Legacy of Innovation

American Isostatic Presses, Inc. was founded in 1991 with the goal of supplying high quality, state of the art hot and cold isostatic presses at prices companies around the world could afford. By offering superior technology at an affordable cost, AIP has opened the door for a wider area of use and new applications to be developed. We’re proud to have over 1,000 installations in companies, colleges, and countries worldwide.

See for yourself why AIP is the most trusted brand in HIP Technology!

We Stand by Our Reputation

We only build the best HIP products on the market. AIP has installed every system we have sold worldwide and we have never had any failure of any pressure system or subsystem. We believe we are the only HIP supplier in the world with this unflawed history. By using proven designs with top brand components, AIP systems provide not only lower initial cost, but long term cost savings for our customers.

AIP holds ASME U1, U2, and U3 code stamps

We have National Board approval

We have met the European Union PED certification

Our systems have been tested by F2 Labs for UL and CE compliance

AIP is the first and only company that has been certified by S. Korea for high pressure vessels

We are one of the first in application for Chinese certification

Our Founding Mission

AIP’s history begins with company founder and president Reggie Persaud. After decades of manufacturing hot isostatic pressing equipment, Reggie realized there was a need for competitively priced hot isostatic pressing services in the U.S and Europe. Over time it became clear that there was also a need for a new kind of business model — one that involved partnering with clients to set up facilities close to their manufacturing hub. This model ensured quick turnaround times and competitively priced HIPing cycles, setting AIP apart from its competitors. Thus, sister companies have sprung up in Mississippi and Oregon, with a fourth now operating in Spain. The focus remains the same: quality production, quick turnarounds, good relationships with clients, and standard-setting customer service. Three decades later, AIP is the only American-owned company that does all of its engineering and manufacturing in the United States.


AIP is a family business. Founder Reggie Persaud understood from the outset the importance of creating a people-focused company that took care of its local workforce and provided its customers with personalized, expert, responsive service that was second to none. Under the guidance of founder Reggie Persaud and his son Tyler, AIP’s staff consists of 17 veterans in the field of isostatic pressing, each with over 25 years of experience. This group of highly trained engineers drives the innovation at AIP and they are fully capable of meeting any customer requirement. AIP’s phenomenal growth is directly related to the expertise of our team and our shared commitment to customer satisfaction, with record fast response rates to service and support. AIP offers a wide range of products from the smallest laboratory system to the largest production units. These are available in a wide range of pressure and many different furnace styles, fully customizable to your requirements. We’re more than just an equipment supplier. We’re a solutions provider.



Located in Columbus, Ohio, and dedicated to supplying high quality, state of the art hot and cold isostatic presses. AIP is currently expanding its toll HIP services to a brand new building of its own!


Newly opened facility located in Oregon City, Oregon, serving the west coast with premium hot isostatic pressing services.


Located in Olive Branch, Mississippi, ITS offers HIPing services to the southern United States, plus Mexico, Europe, and South America.


ITS Bilbao is a collaborative effort to break into the European market to provide quality Toll HIP services at a competitive price. With a brand new AIP52 unit and AS9100 certified, let ITS Bilbao manage all your production HIP needs. Located in Bilbao, Spain.