AIP has now passed it’s ISO9001 audit performed by Smithers Quality Assessment for both our Columbus, Ohio manufacturing location and our Erie, PA engineering office. Click on the links below to view these certificates.

AIP sister company Isostatic Toll Services, Inc. has been certified since 2010.

AIP also holds ASME U1, U2, U3, and R certifications, as well as Korean Gas Society , Chinese Special Equipment Licensing Organization, and European Union PED certifications. Systems can be supplied with Canadian Registration numbers and also be CE labeled. Systems can be built o meet Japanese KHK requirements. AIP systems have been UL tested. AIP pressure vessels are registered with the National Board of Pressure Vessels.

ISO9001 Certificate – Columbus

AS9100C Certificate – Columbus

China License

AIP has been audited by the Chinese Special Equipment Licensing Organization and is certified to sell high pressure vessels within the country. In the USA, ASME code has been the standard, but many countries are now implementing their own codes to ensure safety is met. As one of the few companies with a zero vessel failure history, AIP’s conservative design, comprehensive FEA analysis, and third party inspection regiment, has proven  very successful. While many companies sell based on theories or by using scare tactics, AIP constantly promotes proven designs and products. Always check references and past history before you buy.